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Trump’s Twitter was allegedly hacked, an exhausting twist in this four-year parade of dumb

Remember when Dan Quayle misspelled potato?

Donald trump with twitter logo signing executive order
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According to a Dutch security researcher, the actual President of the United States, a verified moron, (allegedly) has a crappy Twitter password without two-factor authentication. For the second time in four years, Dutch white hat hackers have easily breached Trump’s Twitter account. This time using the terrible password “maga2020!”. It’s laughable. It’s sad. And it’s terrible for the United States of America.

This country used to stand for something. Not to get too patriotic on y’all, but it used to convey some iota of strength and resilience. It used to mean something to stand up and say “I’m an American.” Yes, over time that molted into some distorted pupa of egotistic patriotism that made us into jerks all over the world, I won’t deny that. But at least, at home, we felt like our security and our confidence in our leaders was viable enough to elicit thoughts of contentment and calm.

So much has changed in the last four years as we’ve turned into the tire fire from The Simpsons.

This idiot President that was elected by a sham of an electoral college controlled by a political party that has no intention of ever working for the people, only their own pockets, continues to stun the world with his abject ignorance and base stupidity.

Even Trump flag-waving meatballs know that this man they encourage is nothing more than a clown for them to laugh at. They love him not because he truly represents them, but because he is beneath them. Not because he is educated or successful (he is neither), but because he is not. He is not a politician and neither are they. Tired of feeling talked down to, they embraced this applesauce-brained fool because for once, they can truly feel superior to an elected official.

So here we are, on the cusp of what will be the most important election in the history of this country, and (assuming this report is true and can be verified) the President’s Twitter account is being revealed as easily hackable. A day after the FBI announced that Iran and Russia (or at least, factions of bad actors within those countries) are attempting to meddle in our elections by sending dumbass emails to people smarter than that, we get this news. Maga2020 indeed you blistering sock skulled tools.

It’s a non-stop parade of stupid from Team Trump. His White Walker lawyer trying to whip out his little Popsicle stick, his Press Secretary lugging around binders full of blank pages, it’s as if these bobbleheads don’t realize that the American people are not just shells of humans, gargling 24-hour news at gas station pumps while wearing their masks under their noses. But they are certainly working under that assumption.

Twitter didn’t reply to the report from the Dutch hacker and that kind of makes sense

Twitter, for its credit, has done its best to stem the flow of nonsense from the President. And by best I mean close to nothing. Because as Facebook has proven with its catapulting of right-wing bullshit, lies, and disinformation is good for business. The President gets tons of interaction on his baseless lies and brain filth, it wouldn’t benefit Twitter to shut off that engagement faucet. It’s on us to do better.

But, we haven’t done better, have we? How can we do better when our own President, regardless of his qualification for the job, can’t keep a secure Twitter account? Sure, he’s old and old people have problems with 2FA, but he’s the fucking President! Lock that shit down! There is a hilarity here, a twist of the proverbial nipple that has found America lying on the ground with a red belly and a doorknob sized dent in the forehead. We’re days away from true chaos (you ain’t seen nothing yet) and the President is actively trying to lose his job, but America just won’t let him.

The leadership in this country continuously proves to the people that it simply does not understand today’s technology. That should be a red flag for all voters. This is the technology that we rely on every day all day. The technology that navigates us through the streets, pays our bills, provides us with jobs and entertainment. And our elected leaders (for the most part) are fucking clueless. That should be enough to clean out all the boomers, no matter your political affiliation, and elect younger leaders who use 2FA on their Twitter accounts because it’s the obvious and simple thing to do. I won’t even get into Google antitrust issues. That’s a whole other thing.

No matter if you are a red hat-wearing cheerleader for the orange blob man or a blue t-shirt wearing former Bernie Bro sighing for Biden, we can do so much better with our elected leaders. We can look for leaders that will work for us, not themselves. We can look for leaders who understand our problems, who live on our level and play with the same technology we do.

Presidents shouldn’t have their Twitter hacked, it should never happen. What does that say to national security issues? If it was that easy to hack a Twitter account, how easy is it to phish these boomers for secure data? We must demand better. Demand better. Get off your ass and vote.

What do you think? Are you surprised that the president could have an easily-hackable Twitter password? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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