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Uber is finally lifting the veil on its upcoming on-trip audio recording feature

I could see this being extremely useful.

Uber driver at airport
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If there is any company in this country that appears to be having a rough year, that isn’t named WeWork, it’s Uber. There seems to always be a negative story about how unsafe it is, and that is genuinely scary.

That being said, the company is taking these safety concerns and is rolling out more and more protocols.

Now, The Washington Post reports that Uber is taking a brand-new initiative with trying to make riders feel safe and secure. The feature, first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, will allow for audio to be recording during a ride and, if needed, sent to the company for review.

Uber wants to keep taking extra steps for rider safety by recording rides

Uber voice recording feature

Image: Jane Manchun Wong / KnowTechie

When a rider steps into their Uber, the recordings will be initiated through the app. Riders can have the option of recording a trip and both rider and driver will be aware of it. When the ride comes to an end, the rider can submit the audio to the company. Uber has said the final audio will be encrypted and neither the driver or the rider will be to play it back.

Uber’s Head of Safety Sachin Kansal said this new ride-recording feature is trying is giving the company a more personalized insight into the ride. If there is an incident, an unbiased audio recording will help the situation not become a back-and-forth between the rider and driver.

We have taken a position that whenever you are in an Uber, the feeling that we want both parties to have is ‘the lights are on.’ That leads to safer interaction on the platform.

Uber is releasing the ride-recording pilot in Brazil and across Mexico next month. The official release date for the US version is currently unknown.

What do you think? Would you like to see this feature come to the US? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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