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Uber relaunches its carpooling service as UberX Share

If you’re vaccinated and feeling comfortable sharing a car with someone you don’t know, you can get your UberX Share on now.

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Ready to share rides with others in your Uber again? You’re just in time for the return of Uber Pool, except it goes by a new name now: UberX Share.

Uber has revived the popular option, allowing customers to snag lower fares in larger US cities when sharing rides with strangers.

The company confirmed the feature’s return, now rebranded as UberX Share. Uber originally removed two years when COVID-19 shook the world in March 2020. Shared rides were one of the first amenities taken away from both Uber and Lyft when the pandemic took hold.

Now, you can save with the “upfront discount” Uber is offering with UberX Share. You’ll also get up to 20% off your total fare when matched with another person.

riders sharing an uberx share uberpool
Image: Uber

There are a few stipulations, though. Uber will only match you with other riders who are headed in the same direction. You don’t have to worry about being too late, either.

Uber promises you’ll get where you’re going no more than eight minutes later than a normal ride. The ride will also be limited to two people—no more clown car situations.

At a time when ride-share price surges have commuters in a chokehold, this is an economic decision that should please many.

UberX Share is available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Portland. Don’t see your city listed? Uber says the company will add additional locations later this summer.

It’s not like the pandemic is over, contrary to what your aunt and uncle post on Facebook every day. But if you’re vaccinated and feeling comfortable sharing a car with someone you don’t know, you can get your UberX Share on now.

Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend along the way.

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