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Using your shortwave receiver to listen to citizens’ band (CB) radio

Here’s what you should know.

Image: Platte Valley Communications

Most tech and gadget enthusiasts, hobbyists, and survival experts use and keep a ham radio antenna to communicate in urgent situations and exchange messages. But not many people know that they can listen to CB radio with their shortwave receiver.

If this sounds like some interesting news to you, you should know that you need a digital receiver/ shortwave receiver covering 26.9 MHz till 27.5 MHz – however, if you are new to CB radio, you should know why you should listen to CB radio in the first place. 


Why do people listen to CB radio?

You should listen to CB radio when you are a trucker, and you want to stay in touch with other truck drivers. You can also make a distress call and contact local law enforcement via your CB radio. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, you can use the CB radio to obtain information on the ongoing circumstances. And let us not forget about the entertainment value that we can get derived by using a shortwave receiver. You can access a wide range of radio channels, and you might never know what you might hear on the Citizen’s band radio. 

What to expect while listening to CB radio on your shortwave receiver?

Understandably, you will want to catch your favorite radio frequency with your shortwave receiver; however, if this is the first time you are listening to CB radio, you can expect to catch adult language on your shortwave receiver.

Previously, CB radio users were provided a license by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which is why CB radio used to be much more polite and courteous than it is now. Now, CB radio is free for all, which makes it easy to access and use in whatever way you want. Nonetheless, you will still find numerous amateur radio users who still follow the gentlemen’s rules of being courteous. You will truly enjoy using your shortwave receiver to listen to CB radio. 

What Contributes to The Popularity of CB Radios?

In case you are wondering, here are a few reasons that have contributed to the popularity of CB radios. Firstly, their popularity has quite a lot to do with the mesmerism of Hollywood. Look back at the movies starting from the 1980s, and you will find the device used in the movies. Despite so much time, the popularity of CB radios hasn’t faded away as we can see that they are still very much in demand. 

Another fact that contributes significantly to the popularity of the Citizens’ Band radio is that you don’t have to break the bank to get this device. Additionally, you won’t need a license for operating this device. However, there are certain restrictions that need to be followed, such as foreign governments aren’t allowed to use CB radios, which means that overseas communication isn’t allowed while using this device. 

Nonetheless, you will find a vast range of supplementary channels that can be accessed in both modes – the AM mode and the SBB (single sideband) mode. 

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