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Utilizing your smartphone

Making your life more convenient is just one of the benefits of utilizing your smartphone.

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Considering there were around 77.5 billion smartphones sold in the US in 2019, it is unsurprising that most people own one. Whether you prefer Android or iOS, it is undeniable that these small pieces of tech have revolutionized the way in which we go about our days. While you may already use some of the pre-installed items that your cellphone has to offer, such as the calendar app for appointments, or the clock alarm to ensure you wake up on time, there are other ways you can make the most out of your smartphone, and make your life that bit easier in the process.


A pension is something that should be considered by people of all ages, as opposed to those who are in their later working years. While you may have a pension set up by your employer, a number of people also have their own, personal pension as well. Rather than having separate pensions, especially if you have worked for several employers, you could transfer your pension and combine your accounts into a single pension pot. Following this, using online logins, or even special smartphone apps, you can keep track of what your pension is doing, and even top it up if you so wish.


Somewhere in your car, you might have an old road map that you once used to help you get to your destinations. Now, with the use of satellite navigation, these have become more or less defunct. Even when your car has its own sat-nav, this may not always be up to date, and also may not show you about traffic problems on the roads. Certain map and navigation applications can help you to reach your destination, and even re-route you to avoid queues, accidents, and roadworks. When using a cellphone app for your navigational needs, it is important that you do so with the help of a cradle, affixing your phone to your dashboard, so that you can keep your focus on the road ahead.


For the most part, the days of needing to walk into potential places of employment with a resumé are long gone. Instead, the majority of job searches and applications are now completed online. Just because you are away from your computer, that doesn’t mean you cannot continue your hunt. Many recruitment applications offer the option for you to be notified of listings that match your skillset or ideal job, and some even offer a quick application process that can also be achieved through using your smartphone.

Making your life more convenient is just one of the benefits of utilizing your smartphone. On top of this, it can, of course, still be used for telephone calls, emails, and other communications, as well as a portable games console for when you want to unwind. Using all the options your cellphone has to offer, you can improve the ways in which you live, and really make your phone worth every cent you paid for it.

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