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Walmart launches

Avoid actually having to go to Walmart with a revamped online experience.

Walmart online streaming
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In news that isn’t really news, Walmart has relaunched their online shopping experience, and just between you and me, it’s basically

Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart U.S. ecommerce, announced the redesigned experience on the Walmart blog this week with a detailed list of some of the changes. Before we get into those details, however, the greatest feature to be announced is the free two-day shipping, no membership required with the new Walmart experience. While basically everyone has Amazon Prime at this point, it will be nice to get that same quick shipping experience on the new Walmart online.

Ok, so what is changing with the website?

A new look and feel

The company wants to, and I quote, “bring a more human element to the site.” The redesign looks to accomplish that through “relatable photography that showcases ‘real-life’ moments.” If we’re being honest here, all of this sounds like a clever ploy from definitely not humans, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They also include a line about wanting customers to have a compelling experience when shopping for things like diapers. How they plan on doing this, I do not know, nor do I particularly want to.

Personalized elements

In a bid to catch up to sites from the mid-2000’s, the new Walmart experience will look at your location and past purchases to recommend items. I will say that the best part of this section is that it will let you know of the services your local Walmart offers, like Online Grocery and Easy Reorder.

Specialty shopping experience

Basically, they want to offer you different experiences based on what you are shopping for. Groceries? They want to make it easy for you to reorder and buy the things you normally buy. A television? They want to inspire you with choices… or something. I’m just reading the blog post, I’m not a mind reader. They did mention a partnership with the department store, Lord & Taylor, to start bringing this unique experience to customers.

What do you think? Will this make you shop online at Walmart? I mean, it’s a lot better than actually having to go IN the store, amiright?

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