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You can now order your groceries from Walmart using Google Assistant

This could be pretty useful.

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Currently, Amazon is leading the AI speaker base in the US with 70% market share out of the 66 million smart speaker devices installed in the US while Google and Apple are trailing behind with 24% and 6% respectively. In a bid to counter this huge lead Amazon has, Google has announced a new partnership with Walmart Inc. 

This new partnership between the two companies will enable customers to order their groceries by voice using Google’s smart-home assistant.

The service will be available starting this month

Users will be able to add items into their shopping carts by simply stating “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” To identify the proper branding and size, Google will use information obtained from prior purchases. Walmart’s senior vice president of digital operations, Tom Ward, stated that information like whether you drink 1 percent or skim milk will be collected and then used while you order using Google’s smart-home assistant so you don’t have to specify.

Ward also went on to say that “We’re kicking off the work with Google, adding others to the mix as time goes on.” This suggests that Walmart plans to bring this feature to more AI assistants as well.

Walmart and Google first came into a partnership back in August 2017, however, not much came of that partnership until today.

Google hopes that this new partnership with the world’s largest retailer could help its Google Home devices stack up against Amazon’s Echo devices.

Will this new partnership between the two organizations reduce Amazon’s huge lead? Probably not, as research from consultant Bain & Co. tells us that only 4 percent of shoppers use voice assistants for grocery planning which is a significantly low amount of people.

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