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Want to switch from cigarettes to vape pods? Here’s how

To understand how you can make this transition smoothly, there are a few steps that you need to take into account.

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There is a reason why people who tried switching to vape mods and quitting cigarettes failed. Using standard juices with lower nicotine percentages didn’t satisfy smokers to give up on the occasional cigarette. This was before nicotine salts, and pod vaping presented themselves in the vape world and completely turned it upside down.

There are significant differences between nic salts liquids and regular e-liquids that made giving up on cigarettes a lot easier. The first one is that this e-liquid has been designed to mimic the natural nicotine found in tobacco; it comes from the nicotine other than other freebase forms of other e-liquids.

While normal juices can only reach around 12 or 15mg of nicotine, nic salts can reach up to 50mg or more with a much smoother hit. However, the perk of nic salts lies in the fact that they take a few minutes to hit with a long-term effect rather than other liquids’ effect that lasts for only a few minutes before you need another hit.

With a cheap tank, low-nicotine liquid, and other poor decisions that beginners might make, you might find yourself rushing back to your old pack of cigs. If you think that vaping isn’t for you, then you haven’t tried a few good hits of nic salts flavored-liquid that can satisfy your craving for nicotine without leaving behind bad breath, smelly hand, and hair that needs to be washed.

To understand how you can make this transition smoothly, there are a few steps that you need to take into account.

Forget About How It Looks

If you think that getting an e-cigarette that looks just like the real thing will trick your mind into thinking you are smoking a cigarette, then you need to think again. Most of the time, e-cigarettes that look just like cigs deliver nicotine poorly and spits back the liquid in the mouth. This will push anyone back to the traditional cig and lighter.

Instead of focusing on the looks, you need to get the right Juul device in Australia with the right type of pod vape that will not give you a chance to think about smoking ever again. JUUL pods are designed to specifically mimic the physical and sensory experience of smoking without necessarily looking like one.

JUUL Pods’ Closed Tanks Perks

Choosing a closed tank will free your mind from all the decisions that come with typical tanks that require care, attention, and understanding of how vapes work. Closed tanks are considered to be a hassle-free alternative with their pre-filled pods that can be easily replaced without worrying about refilling. Not only the re-filling process, but with JUULs, you also don’t have to worry about changing the coil, cleaning the tank, or trying to control the airflow.

This system is the best for beginners who are still struggling with understanding these processes. It’s also easier to use with just one button to push and sometimes all you have to do is inhale without even pressing any buttons. It’s amazing how you can easily make the transition from smoking to just buying a pod and get on with your life without worrying about much. All that you might need to do is replacing the cartridge every once in a while or switching between your favorite flavors.

Try Different E-Liquids And Flavors

If you have a sweet tooth, you will find endless liquids with dessert flavors that can even make you cut down on your sweet cravings. There are also tobacco flavors for people who enjoy original flavors and still can’t give up on the typical taste of cigarettes. You can also find fruity flavors like mango, strawberry, kiwi, and more. It’s a matter of what you will enjoy and like more than anything.

Other than flavors, you can find liquids with different percentages of nicotine from 12, 30, and up to 50mg. Some heavy smokers started out with 50mg nicotine just to end up with vaping 3mg nic salts until they successfully quit both. You will only learn what suits you best by trying different flavors, types, brands, and nicotine strengths to determine what will work for your taste.

If you are not sure of the nicotine strength and you want to get it right from the first try to prevent throwing away your vape pod, there are some general rules that might help you out in this situation. For example, heavy smokers that smoke a pack or more per day have found that going for 18mg nicotine liquids or more provided the right hit and satisfaction they are looking for.

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Other people who started vaping while smoking from half a pack to a full one found that going for 12mg suited them best. And others who used to smoke less than that decided to go for the lowest nicotine strength of 3mg liquids and it worked for them.

However, if you intend to stop smoking or vaping altogether, then you shouldn’t vape as you smoke. First, you need to realize that these liquids used in JUULs provide a long-term effect so you shouldn’t be holding your pod all day long. Secondly, you need to be taking soft long inhales rather than short strong puffs.

If you have tried a few hits from any pod vape, you must already know the differences. While with cigarettes, some people can smoke two or three packs a day, pod vapes with nic salts keep you satisfied with just a few hits all day long. Smoking isn’t just a bad habit; it’s a psychological, physical, and social addiction. Vaping, on the other hand, has been proven to be a much better alternative considering the health risks that come with smoking.

Vaping prevents you from inhaling toxins and harmful chemicals while helping you to reduce nicotine, which is very helpful for people who are trying to quit smoking but they aren’t able to. Not only that, if you don’t want to quit nicotine, then vaping is the right answer to this equation rather than inhaling nicotine, tar, and metals that otherwise found in regular cigarettes.

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