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What is a portable monitor used for?

Portable monitors are a good choice for remote work and study because they are lightweight, small, and easy to carry.

Lepow portable monitor on wooden standing desk in office
Image: KnowTechie

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Portable monitors have many uses, and they are becoming more popular by the day. They benefit students, professionals, gamers, travelers, and tech geeks.

Their features and design offer efficiency and convenience in your work and play. 

Are you wondering what all the hype about portable monitors is? Continue reading to know what a portable monitor is used for.

Five uses of a portable monitor

These types of monitors can do everything an external monitor does. But they have the benefit of portability.

So, you can enjoy all the functions of a desktop monitor from wherever you are. Here is what a portable monitor is used for.


Lepow 15. 6 inch portable monitor with laptop
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

Portable monitors allow you to multitask effortlessly because you have an extra screen. With one screen, multitasking is hard because you have to juggle between many tabs.

The process of closing and minimizing tabs is not only tiring but also time-consuming. But, with an extra screen, you can handle the main tasks from the laptop screen and others from the monitor screen.

Suppose you are doing a presentation. You can open your notes from one screen and the Zoom call on a separate monitor screen.

Improves productivity

Despite poor connection or limited setup space, these monitors allow you to work from anywhere. If you work or study online, you do not have to pause because you will be away from your desk.

Portable monitors are lightweight and easy to carry around. So, you can study or work from wherever you go. 

Also, they are small and sleek, so they only take up a little space. They fit in your bag, and you can hold them on your lap or place it on the airplane seat table.

Increase the display of mobile devices

Portable monitor with phone on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Mobile phones and tablets are no longer used for communication only. They are now used for work, study, shopping, and entertainment.

You can successfully perform all these functions from a mobile device. But their tiny screens can be inadequate.

For instance, you can play a game from a phone screen, but a tiny screen reduces the experience. Also, studying from a phone screen for long leaves you with headaches and eyestrains.

Connecting your phone is an excellent way to transform the tiny screen into a full screen. You can even connect a keyboard and use apps like Google Docs and Word to transform it into a computer.

Console or PC gaming

Portable monitor with gaming controller
Image: Lepow

Portable monitors for gaming have high refresh rates, adaptive sync, IPS image switching, HDR support, and fast response time. These features offer the best gaming experience. 

In addition, they are lightweight and easy to carry around. So you can set up a gaming station wherever you go.

Preview screen for cameras

Previewing videos and photos from a tiny camera screen is very frustrating. Connecting a portable monitor offers a bigger and more high-quality screen.

This explains why portable monitors are very common among photographers and content creators.

Also, they are lightweight. So they help content creators to create, preview and upload content anytime, anywhere.

Wrap up

Portable monitor and keyboard on a desk
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

Portable monitors are good for work and study because they are used as extra screens. They also benefit professional or student travelers because they are lightweight, small, and easy to carry around.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, our opinions, reviews, and other editorial content are not influenced by the sponsorship and remain objective.

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