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What is Spotify’s ‘Only You’ feature and how does it work?

The new experience will curate personalized playlists for you.

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Earlier this week, Spotify announced the release of its new digital experience, called Only You. Only You is a suite of new features that aim to celebrate and highlight your listening habits and curate playlists catered to your taste.

Only You contains a multitude of new features that change the way you experience the Spotify app. Similar to the app’s yearly Wrapped feature, Only You will display a comprehensive list of your listening habits. First up is your Audio Birth Chart.

This feature will display a few different bands or artists separated into three different categories, Sun, Moon, and Rising. The Sun chart displays your most listened to music over the last six months and the Moon chart displays artists that reveal your vulnerable side. The Rising chart is reserved for those newly discovered artists.

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Then there’s your Dream Dinner Party. This feature lets you pick three of your favorite artists. Spotify will then generate curated playlists based on those three artists. Then there are Artist Pairs, which highlight the variety of music you listen to by displaying unique combinations of your favorite artists.

The experience doesn’t stop there, either. Only You also includes a new Song Year which highlights your favorite time periods in music. There’s also your Time of Day that collects data about what you listen to at different times of the day.

By combining all of these features, Spotify aims to create a more personalized listening experience that fits everyone’s individual needs while also increasing engagement with its users. After checking out all of the Only You features, Spotify can then create personal playlists that evolve to continue giving you that personalized experience.

Spotify Blend

In addition to all of these Only You features, Spotify is also introducing a new way to share music with your friends. Spotify Blend is another new feature that evolves the way we share and experience music together.

Blend allows users to choose a friend to share music with. Once two friends have joined together, Blend will then create a playlist that evolves over time, combining the two friends’ interests. The coolest thing about Blend is that the combined playlist will be updated over time, as each listener’s music taste evolves.

All of these new features are out today. Spotify Blend is currently in beta, but it is available to all users on the mobile app. Mobile Spotify users can now hop in and experience the Only You feature in its entirety.

While these features may not necessarily revolutionize the way that we experience music, the Only You suite is a great way to make users feel unique, while also providing some insight into their own listening habits.

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