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How to download songs from Spotify and listen to them offline

With Spotify’s new 10,000 song limit, you’ll always have something to listen to.

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Spotify is a great app, but it requires some extra steps for online listening. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to download albums or playlists for offline listening on Spotify, and we’ll show you how.

For those with a Spotify Premium account, you can download any album or playlist onto your device for offline play. This can be super useful to help save data when you don’t have WiFi.

And if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have an internet connection; this can be a lifesaver. Here’s what you need to know.

How to download songs on Spotify mobile

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With your Spotify Premium account, you can download up to 10,000 individual songs on each of 5 different devices. The platform does require you to go online once every 30 days, so keep that in mind.

Since most people will use Spotify on their mobile devices, we’ll start there. Start by opening the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device and making sure you’re logged into your account.

  1. Tap on Library at the bottom right (you can also navigate to any playlist or album any other way)spotify mobile library tab

  2. Navigate to the playlist or album you wish to download and select it spotify mobile select album

  3. Tap the gray down arrow at the top left of the list of songs to begin your downloadspotify mobile download album

That’s all there is to it. Once you download an album or playlist, it will be marked with a green down arrow to signal that it can be played while you’re offline.

And downloaded music will automatically play from your device instead of streaming. So, listening to downloaded songs won’t use any data even if you are actually online.

After downloading, you can navigate back to your library to find the album or playlist with the green down arrow to play music offline.

spotify mobile downloaded music
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You’ll also notice a new Downloaded tab at the top of the library window. Selecting this option will bring up a full list of Spotify songs you’ve downloaded on that particular device.

How to download Spotify songs on your computer

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Downloading isn’t limited to just the Spotify mobile app with your Premium subscription. Using the Spotify app, you can also download songs for offline play on your computer.

This does require you to download the Spotify app for desktop. Once you’ve done that, start by logging into your Spotify Premium account again.

  1. From the desktop app, select Your Library (you can also navigate to any album or playlist any other way)
spotify desktop my library
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  1. Navigate to the playlist or album you wish to download and select it
spotify desktop select album
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  1. Click the gray down arrow at the top of the list of songs to begin your download
spotify desktop download album
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And that’s how you download songs onto your computer from your Spotify Premium account. You can navigate back to the album when you’re offline, and you’ll still be able to play those songs.

Unlike the mobile app, there’s no actual tab that shows you where your downloaded music is on the desktop app. Unless you’re offline already.

If you want to see your downloaded songs, you can click the three-dot menu in the top left of the app. Then, select File and Offline Mode.

spotify desktop downloads in offline mode
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With Offline Mode enabled, you’ll see all of your downloaded songs front and center on the home screen. And to go back online, just repeat the process and uncheck the Offline Mode option.

Listen to your music even when you don’t have an internet connection

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One of the coolest features of Spotify Premium is the ability to download songs so you can still listen to music without an internet connection.

You can download the playlists you want to listen to at home on WiFi, so you don’t have to use up any precious data when jamming out on the road. It’s a super useful feature that all Premium subscribers can use.

Hopefully, this article tells you everything you need to know about downloading music for offline listening on the Spotify app.

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