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How to listen to audiobooks on Spotify

Audiobooks on Spotify are now available. Here’s what to know.

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Most people would assume it’s possible to listen to audiobooks on Spotify. I mean, it only makes sense.

Music? Spotify has you covered. Podcasts? Covered.

Audiobooks? Possibly. Audiobooks on Spotify launched in late 2022 with an initial catalog of over 300,000 titles.

But there’s a catch.

Spotify audiobooks are currently only available in the United States, so other regions will need to wait for a wider rollout to access the content.

On top of that, you can only purchase audiobooks in the web player. However, you can listen in the Spotify app once you’ve bought and unlocked an item.

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If you’re a Spotify user and would prefer someone else to read your books to you, audiobooks may be the solution.

You don’t even need a premium account, just a working credit card to make purchases.

Let’s discuss how to listen to audiobooks on Spotify.

How to buy and listen to audiobooks on the Spotify web player

If you want to listen to an audiobook on Spotify, here’s how to purchase it through the Spotify web player.

Go to the Spotify web player on a phone, tablet, or computerspotify web player screen
Locate an audiobook you want to buy through Searchspotify web player book
Select Buybuy an audio book on spotify
Enter your payment information and complete the purchasespotify payment info

Once you’ve bought your audiobook, the item should appear in your library, ready for listening.

Unlike other content on the platform, you must purchase audiobooks individually to unlock them.

The good news is that audiobooks on Spotify do not currently have ads. That, however, could easily change.

But, some people might be happy with exchanging ads for free audiobooks. Streaming services continue to offer more ad options, and it could make sense here.

UPDATE 10/28/2022: Spotify’s iPhone app no longer sells audiobooks due to Apple’s rules on in-app purchases. To make an audiobook purchase, users need to visit Spotify’s audiobook hub or the desktop app.

Is Spotify a good platform for audiobooks?

atomic habits audiobooks on spotify
Image: KnowTechie

With the inclusion of audiobooks on Spotify, the platform moves one step closer to becoming a one-stop audio shop.

If the platform can dish out the content well, this could be a good thing. It’s certainly convenient for those of us who already use Spotify for music and podcasts.

It would be even more convenient if a day would pass when the mobile app didn’t crash, inexplicably skip a podcast partway through, or fail to open at all.

But we can’t have it all now, can we?

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