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What Twitter users are saying about Amazon’s hit MMO New World

The highly-anticipated MMORPG finally released earlier this week.

new world mmo main screen
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s highly anticipated MMORPG has finally been released and a majority of the gaming world is buzzing about it. After several delays and many years in development, Amazon delivered New World earlier this week.

New World is a massive online RPG that takes some elements from previous MMOs, like gear leveling and weapon skills, and adds its own unique touch with completely classless combat and a robust gathering and crafting system.

As with the release of most hyped-up games like New World, gamers have taken to Twitter to tell us about their time with the game so far. New World was released with mixed reviews and several obstacles that are common whenever a massive title like this is released, and people aren’t shy to let us know how they feel.

Let’s see what gamers on Twitter are saying about the game so far.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about New World

Queue times are a little bogus

Amazon, the owner of the world’s largest server platform, launched their game with nowhere near enough servers. Fortunately, it looks like that’s fixed now.

Gotta protect the boss at all costs

Turns out New World won’t let anyone choose Jeff Bezos (or any variation of it) for their name. Probably a good move.

Gaming God Shroud has got it figured out

Who said you need fast travel in an MMO?

What’s New World missing? Catgirls

Amazon really dropped the ball here. Catgirls are an easy sell for gamers of all types.


Maybe we should cut other devs some slack

If Amazon’s servers are busted at launch, it makes sense that other developers have a hard time in that area.

CouRageJD now lives at his computer thanks to New World

This sounds like a scene straight out of a South Park episode.

Gamers are always horny

I guess anything’s a dildo if you try hard enough.

New World looks really good

It’s cool to see a game as massive as this one that has top-shelf graphics.


Introducing a lot of newcomers to the genre

New World is the first new MMO to come out in a while, so a lot of people are trying the genre for the first time.

And most importantly…you can pet the dog

I’m not sure the internet would be able to handle it if you couldn’t pet the dog in New World. Just look at him!

So the internet has spoken. That’s what people on Twitter are saying about New World so far. The MMO genre has been lacking a fresh take for a while now, so there’s no surprise that people are excited about this game. I personally can’t wait to dive into the game and I hope it has what it takes to consume my gaming life for a long time.

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