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When will Fortnite be back on iPhone?

The court made a big decision recently, so Fortnite should come back soon right?

fortnite on iphone
Image: Epic Games

While it looked like the high-profile lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple regarding Fortnite on iOS may have come to a conclusion a couple of weeks ago, the appeals process has other ideas. Epic has already appealed the judge’s verdict and Apple still has the ability to do so as well.

But why would both companies appeal the ruling? Well, normally there would be no reason for Apple to appeal, and they may not do so, but the judgment turned out to not be completely in their favor.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers made a ruling that went against Epic Games‘ claims that Apple was operating its App Store as a monopoly, but they did find that Apple stopping apps from adding third-party payment systems was illegal and that the company was no longer allowed to have this restriction.

But what does that mean for Fortnite? This entire suit started after Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because Epic added an option for a third-party purchase method. Judge Rogers said Epic was in the wrong for not following those rules, and the company was ordered to pay a substantial amount back to Apple for the infraction.

Now that a decision has been made, maybe it’s finally time for Fortnite to make its way back to iPhone? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that simple.

When will Fortnite be back on iPhone?

Short Answer: Probably not for a long time.

While an initial ruling has finally be made, there’s still the possibility for an extensive appeals process. Earlier this week, Apple let Epic know that it won’t be allowing the return of Fortnite to iOS until the entire appeals process is complete, which could take up to five years.

This is a pretty interesting development, considering just two weeks ago Apple said it would reinstate Epic’s developer account if Epic would “play by the rules.” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney claims that Epic has agreed to play by the new rules developed as a result of the court’s recent ruling. But it looks like Apple wants Epic to follow its old rules, which were determined to be illegal by the courts.

If we thought this mess of litigation was over between these two companies, it looks like we were wrong. And as always, it’s the users who suffer. If you’re wanting to play Fortnite on iOS, I wouldn’t hold my breath, as it looks like it could be a long time before the game finally makes its way back.

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