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When will Microsoft release Windows 11?

All signs so far point towards sometime in October.

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has finally revealed Windows 11 and people can’t wait to get their hands on the new update. The new operating system is full of exciting new updates and enhancements that will bring several quality-of-life changes to the popular operating system.

But when can we expect the new update? Microsoft has not officially confirmed a date for a public release for Windows 11. So far, the company has only said that we can expect the newly updated OS sometime during the holidays this year. With such a vague term, there are several months of possibilities for this update to be released.

Fortunately, a few hints point to a release relatively early in the holiday season. There have been several subtle messages that point to a Windows 11 release in October of this year. Even more specifically, October 20 is looking like a likely release date.

So what hints have we found so far?

Over the course of Microsoft’s reveal event last week, there were a few hints that point towards an October release date. First, there was a message on Microsoft Teams between a couple of Microsoft engineers. The message read, “Excited to turn it up to 11…can’t wait for October!”

Additionally, several of the marketing images released from Microsoft during the event had October 20, 2021, as the date displayed on the new Windows 11 home taskbar.

The final hint that points towards an October release for Windows 11 is a few recent Walmart listings. Several laptops have been marketed as having a “Free Upgrade to Windows October 2021 when available.” Microsoft has said that Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 devices, so this information certainly seems reputable.

All of this is obviously still speculation. So far, Microsoft has only confirmed holidays 2021 as a release window for the new update. We will keep this post updated as any new information comes along.

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