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Why is my Chamberlain garage door opener beeping?

We’ll show you what to do if your Chamberlain garage door opener is beeping

chamberlain garage door opener beeping

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Ever wondered why your Chamberlain garage door opener is beeping? Everything seems fine; your door opens and closes, and then it starts an annoying beep.

Well, it’s not always a sign of trouble. That beep could be letting you know it’s operating normally. But at other times, it could indicate a serious issue with the garage door.

To decipher these beeps, you need to know two things: the type of opener you have and the number of beeps you hear.

In this guide, we aim to help you figure out whether the beep from your garage door is just a confirmation sound or an indication of a serious issue.

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Troubleshoot your Chamberlain garage door opener beeping

There are three main reasons your Chamberlain myQ garage door opener would beep. These include operating on battery backup, an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity, or if Security+2.0 is announcing movement or an issue.

If your Chamberlain garage door opener has Security+2.0

Single beeps

You will hear one beep when the garage door opener is placed into limit or learn modes. It will also beep once when the Up or Down arrows are pressed.

Constant beeping

If the garage door closes unattended, it will beep for eight seconds before starting to close, then continuously beep while the door is closing.

If an obstruction occurs

If the door hits anything when closing, it will stop, beep once and the lights will flash five times.

If your myQ garage door opener has Wi-Fi

There are also additional beeps that are common to all Chamberlain myQ garage door openers that have Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • One beep: When putting the garage door opener into Wi-Fi mode.
  • Continuous beep: While the garage door is trying to connect to the router.
  • Two beeps: While in Wi-Fi mode, the opener is trying to reach the myQ server.
  • Three slow beeps: Confirms the opener is successfully connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Three fast beeps: Confirming Wi-Fi settings being deleted from the opener.
  • One continuous beep followed by three fast beeps: Opener failed to connect to the Wi-Fi network due to a password issue.
  • No beeps: Wi-Fi turns off after 20 minutes or failing connection to the network.

Chamberlain garage door opener with battery backup

  • Beeps every two seconds: The unit is operating on battery backup, so check the AC power source.
  • Beeping every thirty seconds: This indicates an issue with the battery. The battery LED will be flashing orange if low, or solid red if the battery is dead and cannot charge.

Wrapping up

Your Chamberlain garage door opener beeps for two reasons: it’s doing something, or there’s a problem.

If you make the effort to recognize these beeps or signals, troubleshooting the garage door will get a lot easier.

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