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WTF is up with the new Microsoft Edge logo?

So thicc.

new microsoft edge logo
Image: Microsoft

So Microsoft unveiled a new Microsoft Edge browser logo over the weekend and I’m a bit confused. First off, WTF exactly is this? Also, why did Microsoft feel the need to change it? Why is this news? Ugh, I have so many questions.

What exactly are we looking at here? Obviously we can see the letter “e” here in this logo, but look at it, it’s soooo thicc. That is by far the thickest letter “E” I have ever seen. And are we not going to mention how this clearly looks like a blatant ripoff of Mozilla’s Firefox logo?

Before we go any further, let’s see how we got here. Thankfully, Tom Warren of The Verge crafted this tweet that shows the subtle changes Microsoft has made over the years. Notice how drastically different the last one is.

So yea, not sure what Microsoft as trying to get at here, but hey, it’s new and I guess that’s cool. Personally I’m not a fan of it, but I can sleep better at night knowing I’m not the only one. Gizmodo thinks the logo looks NSFW, The Verge says it looks more modern, and Mashable thinks it looks like a Tide pod.

What do other folks have to say about it? It’s a mixed bag, but overall people seem to dig it:


We have to admit though, this logo legit looks like a Tide pod:

Regardless if you like it or not, Microsoft’s new Edge logo is here to stay. As to when the new version of its Chromium Edge browser is going to release? We’re still waiting to hear but seeing that we’re getting a look at its new logo, our guess is that we’ll see it sooner than later.

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