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You can now make phone calls inside Gmail, because why the hell not

Shit, the metaverse is going to be Gmail, isn’t it?

New gmail design showing google spaces integration

Google is unveiling some new additions to its Workspace product later today, with the biggest being a huge redesign of Gmail itself. No longer just for email, Gmail is going to be the main hub for every Google communication app.

The first step in this direction will be the ability to call via Google Meet, except you’ll be able to do it inside the Gmail mobile app without having to open the Google Meet app. That turns Gmail into any other VOIP app, so it can be called directly by other users. Google will also bring that calling feature to the Google Meet app at some point, so you won’t be restricted to only starting group meetings.

Now the email tab inside Gmail will only be a part of the functionality inside the app, with Chat, Spaces, and Meet all taking equal billing. That’s good for people who don’t want to install and manage multiple apps. Enterprise users are getting the update in the coming weeks, with every other Gmail user getting access eventually.

A small update for Google Calendar is also coming, letting you RSVP to invites with your location. That might be handy if you’re in different time zones or to let the host know you’ll be late due to traffic.

If you don’t particularly want to be able to make calls in Gmail, we’re fairly sure that you’ll be able to disable it, like you can remove the Meet and Rooms tabs.

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