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5 insanely cool tech gadgets to boost your RV

Update your RV with some cool tech.

Rv in park
Image: Unsplash

For people who live their lives on the road, a recreational vehicle is not just a ride – it’s their home. Even if you use your RV just for the annual trip with the family to explore the country, the time you spend in one certainly has all the potential to be a top-notch, memorable experience. In the past few years, recreational vehicles have advanced to a great extent, especially in terms of the level of customization with the help of tech.

That’s right! Once again, tech gadgets of all kinds of functionalities have become an integral part of RV travel, as they serve to increase your comfort, safety, and of course, fun. However, every driver wants to prioritize, so based on the features your RV already flaunts, you can choose a few tech-based additions to elevate your experience, and here are our top choices precisely for that occasion.

A signal booster for your phone

Rv signal booster

Image: KnowTechie

Access to the internet is always useful, and experienced RV owners probably already have their preferred solution for the road. If you’ve already purchased a powerful WiFi station for your recreational vehicle, it’s high time to make sure that you can venture into the more remote, secluded sections of the road where you’ll need a stronger cell signal, too.

This time, you should go for a solid signal booster for your cellphone, to make sure that you can reach your loved ones and notify anyone of your location at all times. They’ve become fairly affordable over the years, but make sure that you check the specs before you buy: some boosters can be used only when the vehicle is stationary, while others work even while you’re driving.

A GPS system for your RV

Gps for an rv

Image: KnowTechie

You likely already have a GPS app on your phone, one that’s relatively reliable for those shorter trips. However, when you’re embarking on an adventure with your family, your RV should have proper support from an RV-specific GPS system. There are many different options, but the more cutting-edge options come with simple navigation systems, a simple interface that doesn’t require training, and of course, route-planning options for experienced RV drivers.

Those that are customized for these types of vehicles often come with useful databases such as listings of RV-friendly repair shops, camping sites, and other data that’s specific to your location, and that can help you plan out your journey.

Security on a whole new level

Rv security

Image: KnowTechie

As you already know, driving an RV is a tremendous responsibility, and using tech to your advantage is a modern-day prerequisite for staying safe on the road. That said, there are comprehensive observation systems such as those made by Furrion that combine advanced security features and high levels of customization for each vehicle.

Cameras have night vision and optimal visibility of a 180-degree angle, and the system automatically adapts to your route to give you the best possible visibility of your immediate surroundings vital to your safety. Better surveillance means more security, and ultimately gives you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your trip while relying on tech to increase your alertness.

A portable solar panel for energy

Rv with solar panels

Image: Via Solar

For long-haul rides and regular RV users, energy might become a burning issue, especially if you’d like to transition towards something more sustainable and ensure that your trips safeguard the environment as much as possible. In the spirit of all things green, portable solar panels for RVs have officially become a thing. They are now a favorite among many drivers, although a hefty investment that might require some preparation on your part.

For example, Zamp solar panels are a worthy addition to your RV tech collection, with a weatherproof charging system, and it’s adjustable so that you can tilt the panel to make the most of its charging capacity. Depending on your energy needs, this is a worthy consideration for your RV if you intend to keep and use it for a few years.

Entertainment additions

Chances are that your RV already has built-in kitchen essentials, cleaning options, and a wide array of other gadgets that you regularly use. How about some fun, then? Luckily, some of the more advanced RV units today have the capacity to store more high-end entertainment systems, such as mountable TVs and soundbars to match the visual experience.

Easy to install and mount, and even easier to use and customize, these sets are a godsend for families who spend so much of their time on the road. Access to high-quality entertainment for you and the kids is a brilliant way to upgrade your RV experience quickly and efficiently.

Technology has found its way into every nook and cranny of our lives, making it better every day. As for your RV, tech has already infiltrated the travel industry to a great extent, and it’s only a matter of vision before you switch to more sustainable, simpler solutions such as the ones listed here, to make your trips more comfortable, safer, and of course, to make the most of your RV!

What do you think? Plan on updating your RV with some new tech gadgets? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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