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5 ways to git gud in Fortnite Battle Royale

Your skills are bad and you should feel bad.

Image: Fortnite

There was a time in my life where I thought I was a good shooter player. I could own any situation, in any space, at any time and it didn’t matter if I was playing in first person or third. I attributed this to my years of playing semi-professional Call of Duty, but then there was a rude awakening. I was offered the opportunity to review Fortnite for an outlet, and I jumped on it as I have heard a lot of positive things. I played the base game, and I loved it. A couple of weeks later they released their Battle Royale mode, as a competitor against PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I hopped on the bus, and I went for a ride I soon regret.

Fornite Battle Royale is a simple game to learn but challenging to master. It is one of the most competitive games out there, but it has an outer shell of being an arcade-shooter. Players have to learn the engine and system that Fortnite is built around (no pun intended), and this takes a lot of time. If you aren’t getting a Victory Royale each game, or even coming in the top 10 consistently, don’t sweat it. I was in your spot. I did some research, and soon I was climbing up the ladder and eating chicken dinners like a Queen. Here’s what I learned.

Drink shield potions

shield potion fortnite
Image: Reddit

It took me way too long to figure this out. If you see these blue vials floating around, pick them up and immediately use them. These vials give you a shield, and it can be crucial in Fortnite. Just like armor in PUBG, this is Epic’s alteration of that. The 50% shield buff lasts for only a short time, so remember to refill up.

As helpful as the buff is, they do not protect you from falling damage. You can stack up to two at a time, doubling your total health, and that’s a huge bonus. You can also be strategic with the potions, and save them for the absolute end game. I’ve seen a few streamers pull off upsets from this strategy, and it is fun as hell to watch.

Don’t loot bodies immediately

fortnite looting bodies
Image: YouTube

It’s hard to control the moment, but you need to keep your emotions in check. Do not run right over to your fallen foe and loot their body. Gunfights are loud and draw attention. You are most vulnerable when you are looting, so be sure to check your surroundings. Make sure you are protected and build around you. You never know who is watching and waiting for you to make a mistake. You can also wait it out and let somebody else take the bait.

Wear headphones

fortnite headphones
Image: Indie Obscura

Some chests are scattered throughout the map, and they are usually hidden away from sight. Investing in a good pair of headphones is crucial because chests give off a low “shimmering” sound. Knowing where players are around you is essential, and footsteps are one of the most important tells a player can make. Gaming with a pair of headphones is my primary way of playing, just because of the audio cues players give off. You can also hear other things going on around you, and knowledge is power in Fortnite.

Take notice of the circle

fortnite storm
Image: Gamer Problems

Every action you make in Fortnite should be relative to the circle. The storm is consistently closing in on you and will drain your life each second you are in it. If you are stuck in the storm and see another fight, take notice. Can you take them out and have enough time to get away? Can you run past them without taking notice? Sometimes you can pick up a few kills without the storm taking you out, but you have to be careful about your time management. Don’t try and be a hero. Coming in first is what is important.

Know your guns

Fortnite weapons have a rarity scale that guns fall under. Grey are common weapons, green are uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange is legendary. I like to keep my highest rarity weapon available in my arsenal, and I drop it when I find or loot a higher rarity. The best weapons are long-range weapons like assault and sniper rifles, but shotguns are incredibly effective at close distances. You will find yourself further from enemies a lot more often than closer, so keep that in mind.

Everybody plays Fortnite with a different gameplay style. I like to play with a safe yet aggressive playstyle, while some of my friends never stop moving. Popular streamers often play for high-kill games and run all over the map. It is fun to play that way, but I found myself making too many mistakes. Over time I found myself playing Fortnite over PUBG due to the optimization issues. More of my friends are playing Fortnite since it is free to play, so there is virtually no excuse to not pick it up.

If you need t0 to take it a step further, Fortnite clothing might be an option. It won’t make you play any better, but you’ll at least look the part while you’re playing it. If you’re a Nintendo fanboy Popgear have Minecraft clothing available at your disposal.

Are there any tips we missed? What are your favorite Fortnite tips? Do you have any big plays you made recently? Let us know!

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