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Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PS4 headset

This Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset for the PS4 is an absolute steal with all the features that are baked right into it.

turtle beach stealth 700 ps4
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

[letsreviewunique pros_title=”The Good” pros=”Excellent sound,Painless setup,Extremely comfortable,DTS Headphone:X® 7.1 Surround Sound and Active-Noise Cancelation” cons_title=”The Bad” cons=”Battery life could be better,Bluetooth range only gives you 10 feet or so,I expected a little more bass out of these” accent=”#911d9c” final_score=”90″ format=”2″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”1″][/letsreviewunique]

I’ve been using this $20 gaming headset for the PS4 for quite a while now, and for the most part, it gets the job done. Sure, it doesn’t have the best sound quality, and it’s not packed with features you would typically find on a premium headset, but as I said, it does its job. So when I switched over to this new Turtle Beach 700 wireless headset, I was utterly floored by its results.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 series for the PS4 is the company’s latest wireless offering. To get started, plug in the headphones digital transmitter dongle right into your PS4’s USB port and power up your headphones to connect to the device’s Bluetooth. Pairing is really quick and surprisingly easy to get up and going. When it comes to comfortability, they’re incredibly comfortable, especially when it comes to the headphone’s synthetic leather ear cushions, which come in clutch when you’re playing a game for hours at a time.

To put this headset through the ringer, I played a lot of Rocket Leauge and Fortnite. Both games feature a lot of surround sound, and since they both take a lot of my playing time, I figured this would be the best opportunity to try these bad larry’s out. My initial reaction when first testing this headset was notably good. For headphones that only cost $120, these sound like something you would generally find in premium headsets that cost well over $200. Seriously, the Turtle Beach 700 headset only costs $119, but they sound like they cost $400.

turtle beach stealth 700 ps4

Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

On top of great sound, the headset is baked with a ton of great features. You get DTS Headphone:X® 7.1 Surround Sound, Active-Noise Cancelation, and you can even connect your phone to it so whenever you get a call on your iPhone or Android device, you can just answer it from your headset. Again, this is something you’re getting for only $119.

One mode in particular that I really liked is the mic’s flip-to-mute feature. Anytime you want to mute your mic, simply flip the mic to the upright position. No more fumbling to your controls or an actual button on the headset. Another feature I really liked is the ability to turn on a “Superhuman Hearing” feature at the push of a button. This basically allows you to hear sounds from the front, behind, beside, and above you, putting you at the center of all the action. It’s really cool when you’re playing a game like Fortnite when you hear an opponent creeping up behind you. Nothing goes unnoticed.

When it comes to chat audio, you can’t ask for anything better. My party members heard me extremely clear, and I was able to listen to their bullshit without any issues. The device has two volume wheels for the mic and headset’s volume, so if you or someone in your party is getting obnoxiously loud, you can always lower them down via the volume wheels.

turtle beach stealth 700 ps4

Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

One thing I did have an issue with was connecting the Stealth 700 to my iPhone. I tried multiple times, but I would keep getting an error that no devices were found on the network. After a little researching, I discovered that I had to update the firmware on the headphones. To do this, I had to connect the headset to my Mac to use it with my phone. You truly understand the age you’re living in when you have to update your headphones.

Battery life is decent. The box advertises 10-hours of battery life, and for the most part, it lived up to those expectations. I play a lot of Rocket Leauge, but still, I found myself having to charge these about once or twice a week. Not bad, but you can find other headsets with longer battery life. But again, it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

There’s a lot of gaming headsets out there, but to get a good one, you’ll have to pay a premium. Go ahead, click this link, look at all the options you’ll find over $120. Sure, there are cheap ones out there, but you won’t get any of the features you’ll get with the 700s.

I’m very pleased with this latest offering from Turtle Beach. Honestly, I can’t see myself going back to my original headset. I’ve been spoiled, and that’s what anyone who gets their hands on this will feel like after just a few short of hours with it. If there’s a gamer in your life and they are still talking out of that cheap headset they bought at GameStop, do yourself a favor and show them this. Trust us; you’ll thank us later.

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