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8 of the best contactless menu QR codes for your restaurant or bar

As restaurants and bars taking a business revival with QR codes, thinking of a better contactless menu QR code provider is can be hard.

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With different contactless menu QR code providers available, QR code enthusiasts who love to dine in with their favorite restaurants and bars got you covered in choosing the best contactless menu QR codes. 

What is a contactless menu QR code?

A contactless menu QR code is a QR code solution that embeds digital menus into a QR code. The digital menu that you can embed to your QR code is can be a file such as PDF, document or images, and URL of the menu available online. It is usually placed in tables, tents and bulletin boards where people can easily scan and view the variety of food available for them.  

The contactless menu QR code is generated through the use of an online menu QR code generator online. 

How to look for the best contactless menu QR code provider?

Before deciding on choosing the best contactless menu QR code provider, the three following factors should always be considered.


With different contactless menu QR code providers available online, knowing its credibility is important for every tech user. In knowing the maker’s credibility, there are two ways on how to distinguish them; by using an online SSL checker, and by checking the security lock icon besides the contactless provider’s domain in the address bar. 

If the contactless menu QR code provider displays the lock icon in the address bar, then your sensitive information such as credit card information and more is secured. But if the browser you use is having trouble in displaying the lock icon, you can always check the domain with two of the most used SSL checker online, Google Transparency Report SSL checker and SSL Labs. 

Through this, many users can distinguish which maker provides safe QR code generation. 

Allowance of trial QR code generation before signing in

Experiencing the QR code generation first hand is important to make a substantial notion on whether to choose partnering with them. Because of that, QR code enthusiasts have tested out some of the best contactless menu QR code provider that you can use for 2021 and give their final thoughts about them. 

Easy navigation

Since not all restaurant and bar owners are keen with technology, easy to use tech is a big game changer to provide the best contactless menu QR code experience for both customers and staff. Because of that, QR code enthusiasts consider this factor to when deciding on the best contactless menu QR code providers. 

8 best QR-code contactless menu QR codes

1. QRTiger

QRTiger is one of the best QR code generator software online that provides restaurant and bar users to create their contactless menu QR codes in a fast and easy way. Aside from its ability to provide contactless menu QR codes, it also offer other QR code solutions that restaurants and bars can integrate into their establishments to successfully run a contactless dining experience for its customers.

The solutions that restaurant and bars can use can range from the typical URL embedding down to file embedding and webpage editing. You can upload your menu as a PDF, Jpeg or PNG. A PDF is easy as you can change your menu at any time. 

This contactless menu QR code provider allows trial QR code generation in which users can enjoy before signing in. They also have a good article that explain everything related to a menu QR code online. 

2. mydigimenu

Mydigimenu is an all-in-one menu and order management system that also integrates the use of QR codes in response to the COVID-19.  This menu and management system requires users to first sign up to their plan before making their own menu from the start. 

3. Spotmenus

Spotmenus is a Brandmuscle subsidiary that focuses on providing restaurants with contactless menu QR codes per location. The only problem with this contactless menu QR code provider is that they require its users to sign up for their plan and each QR codes per location has separate fee, which can be a disadvantage for restaurants with many branches. 

4. QR menu creator

QR menu creator is a free QR code menu creator that allows restaurants and bars to create their digital menu using the integrated webpage creator element into the menu QR code process. As it is easy to make, the QR code scanning for this menu QR code maker is not easy and sometimes can frustrate some users.

5. also launches their COVID-19 response QR codes for restaurants and bars. But instead of experiencing to make them beforehand, urges restaurant and bar owners to first sign up for their plans before proceeding in making the contactless menu QR code and deploy them. In their free plan, only one dynamic QR code is allowed to be made per contract.

6. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is a POS management software that integrates the use of contactless menu QR codes to restaurants and bars. Before you can start make your QR code menu for your restaurant, the QR code generator requires you to fill up your business information. 

Once you have filled up the required fields, TouchBistro will prompt you to input your menu URL and logo to make the QR code. Restaurants with website menus can benefit the use of this contactless menu QR code provider. 

7. QReveal 

QReveal is a QR code generator that mostly focuses on making menus and other QR code uses for restaurants and bars. Just like Touch Bistro, the only option it has to make a contactless menu QR code is by providing a restaurant’s menu link from its restaurant page. 

If your restaurant or bar doesn’t have an operational website for your business, the use of QReveal is not for you.  

8. Minimal Menu

Minimal menu is a menu QR code focused maker that integrates the use of web designing elements into a QR code. But before you experience to make one with them, restaurant and bar owners are encouraged to sign up for their software.

And after setting up the menu, the menu QR code maker will then recommend you to activate your account for you to download your QR code and deploy them. This QR code maker can be a hassle for businesses who want an easy to navigate contactless menu QR code generation experience. 


Contactless menu QR codes have allowed restaurants and bars to revive their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as some have enjoyed their Post-COVID restaurant and bar operations, some who want to make contactless operations with QR codes are still struggling to find a menu QR code provider that they can partner with. 

Through the help of the QR code enthusiasts, the use of the top 3 contactless menu QR code provider is the best choice to use. As they can provide comprehensive QR code menu generation, restaurant and bar owners can jumpstart a contactless restaurant and bar operations without struggling through many operating technicalities. 

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