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A new survey reveals what people in the US really think about tech companies

Wait, people actually trust Google?

tech companies being taxed
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SEOClarity, an internet marketing company specializing in SEO data, recently conducted a survey. In it, they revealed some interesting insights about the perception of tech companies in the eyes of the American public. The survey was conducted on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform and included 1,057 Americans from all age groups and demographics. 

The survey’s goal was to get a better insight into how Americans feel about tech companies, social media, search engines, and more.

In Google they trust

In the survey, one out of five people said that they trust Google’s results. Furthermore, 61% believe that medical professionals have vetted all medical answers coming from Google. 

Even though that might be true for some websites, Google does not prioritize results from websites whose content has been verified by medical professionals. 

When asked which tech giants do they trust most, Google occupied the number one position, followed by Amazon and Microsoft. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when discussing companies people don’t trust, TikTok, Huawei, and Facebook topped the list.

For driverless tech, people turn to Tesla

Tesla topped this chart as almost 45% of all surveyors said that they trust Tesla driverless cars.

Somewhat surprisingly, Apple and BMW followed, with 28% of the responders putting their trust in their technology. Google didn’t rank well in this chart, as only 20% said they would trust their driverless tech. 

Americans are concerned about data gathering and smart speakers

When asked, “Are you concerned about data gathered by wearable tech?” 74.8% answered yes, with younger age brackets being more concerned than older Americans.

People also expressed their concern when it comes to smart speakers. One out of three of those surveyed believes that smart speakers are unsafe for children. 

Half of those surveyed believe that websites control where they appear on Google

To be more precise, 49.7% of all surveyed Americans believe that websites control where they will appear on Google search. This is not true as it is Google that gets to make that call.

Websites can improve their position via various internet marketing campaigns and SEO, but the task of ranking falls upon Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

3 out of 10 people believe tech giants don’t pay enough taxes

In this regard, 36.4% of the surveyed people believe Facebook doesn’t pay enough taxes, whereas 35.8% share the same sentiment regarding Twitter. Then there is Google, with only 29% of those surveyed believing the company doesn’t pay enough taxes. 

But then again, hardly anyone is well informed on the matter of corporate taxes. This is only a perception of what Americans think about these tech giants.

While the sample size is a bit small for this survey, it is still interesting to see what people think about tech companies and how they put trust into certain ones but not others.

Have any thoughts on this? How do you feel about big tech companies? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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