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A VR mod is coming for Elden Ring and it looks absolutely nutty

The mod could be ready to play by the end of the month.

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Image: FromSoftware

Elden Ring is an immersive and intense game that has taken the gaming world by storm this year. And in case the deadly Lands Between isn’t dangerous enough for you, a VR modder is looking to up the stakes with a new, VR take on Elden Ring.

VR modder Luke Ross is taking on the project and they have shared a video of the first few moments in The Lands Between that you can see below. Instead of the traditional, third-person perspective, you get to watch the game’s opening boss tear the player apart in first-person.

The new, first-person perspective really changes the way you see the world around you in Elden Ring.

The traditional third-person view gives you a much wider perspective. You can see when enemies or certain attacks are coming. You lose that ability in the first-person mode in this Elden Ring VR mod.

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But Ross thinks that this first-person mode is what really sets this VR mod off. In an interview with PC Gamer, Ross said, “I’m going to leave the original camera as an option for purists. I’ll probably also add an intermediate, close-third-person camera. But I think the first-person camera is where it’s at.”

Additionally, they’ve taken some steps to combat potential motion sickness that you could see from a high-action game like Elden Ring in VR.

For instance, the camera won’t change orientation when the player dodges. So you won’t have to worry about your screen flipping around spam roll away from some of the game’s horrifying bosses.

Ross told PC Gamer that they plan to release the game by the end of this month, but that it will still be a work-in-progress.

For fans of VR gaming, this could be an exciting release. Elden Ring has been a massive success and a successful VR mod could become incredibly popular.

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