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Adobe is practically begging you to uninstall Flash before it ends support in 2021

So long and thanks for the Flash games.

Adobe flash on tombstone
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For a long time, Flash Player was considered a significant security liability for almost every PC out there. However, that’s about to end very soon, and Adobe is actively helping its eradication.

Adobe announced that they would officially stop supporting Flash starting in January of 2021. Then, on January 12, 2021, no flash content, flash plugins, and even the Adobe Flash player will work anymore. 

However, just because users won’t be able to use Flash, it doesn’t mean that Flash won’t be there or doesn’t present a security liability. The thing is, Flash might be inactive, but it will still be there on the PC. Hackers can exploit that, even though Flash will be inactive, and use it to access your PC remotely. 

That’s why both Microsoft and Adobe are taking extra measures to inform users that they need to uninstall Flash

To that end, Adobe has already rolled out pop-up warnings for Windows 10 users recommending them to uninstall their Flash player. Once the pop-up appears, users get to choose from two options – deal with that later or uninstall the flash player right away.  

Aware of the danger of having Flash on your PC, Microsoft has adopted a more proactive approach. Microsoft will roll out a new Windows update that will automatically erase Flash from PCs running Windows 10. This new update will be optional. 

Internet browsers won’t be affected by the Windows update that deals with Flash. So, each browser is expected to roll-out an update that will exclude Flash from their systems. Mozilla has already confirmed that they won’t include Flash in Firefox 85, which is expected to come out at some point in January. Google and Microsoft confirmed that they would also disable Flash in their respective browsers, but they didn’t mention when they plan to do so.

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