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Amazon adds an invite system to stop PS5 scalpers

The invite system is also rolling out for the new Xbox.

xbox series x and playstation 5 on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Amazon is launching an invite-based ordering system for tech products that always seem to be out of stock. The first item in the new system is the disc version of the PlayStation 5, and it’s live in the United States.

The eventual goal is to prevent scalpers from snapping up all the “high-demand, low-supply products,” according to TechCrunch. Anyone can request an invite, even without having a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Other retailers have tried ways to beat the bots, like using a system that locked graphics cards behind expensive subscriptions. Sony also has a similar invite system for direct sales of the PlayStation 5.

Requesting an invitation doesn’t even require a down-payment, as we’ve seen with Valve’s Steam Deck queue. All you need to do is go to the Amazon listing for the PlayStation 5. While there, click on the big yellow “Request invitation” button.

screenshot of playstation 5 disc version console on amazon
Screenshot: Amazon

Amazon told TechCrunch that it will “assess whether an account that requests an invitation is authentic by looking at things like the account creation date and purchase history”. That’s a good thing, as it stops scalpers from creating new accounts just to game the system.

The Xbox Series X is the next device to be added. Amazon says it should be live in the next few days. A future expansion of the program will include more countries and devices.

The big question we have is why did this take so long? Eighteen months have passed since the PlayStation 5 was released. In that time, supply has been low, with mainly scalpers and their bots able to purchase one.

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