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Amazon extends same-day delivery to a dozen more U.S. cities

If you’re an impatient Amazon Prime member, today the company announced same-day delivery in over 25 metro regions.

Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery

If you’re an impatient Amazon Prime member, today the company announced same-day delivery in over 25 metro regions.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and live in a major city then you’re in luck because the company is bringing its same-day delivery to nearly a dozen more U.S. metros.

Here’s a list of the cities that Amazon is bringing same-day delivery as reported by TechCrunch:

Charlotte, Cincinnati, Fresno, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Stockton, and Tucson. Meanwhile, it will also now be available in new areas in Central New Jersey, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

If you’re city wasn’t listed, you can login to Amazon to see if your address is eligible for same-day delivery.

In total, that means Amazon’s same-day delivery is now available in 27 metro areas across the U.S., or more than 1,000 cities and towns.


So here’s how it works: You order something sometime in the morning and Amazon will deliver it by 9PM, if worse comes to worse. If the item isn’t in stock in one of their local hubs, you’ll have to wait the usual 2 days.

I don’t know about you guys but this is huge! I remember talking to a buddy of mine how Amazon’s free 2-day shipping wasn’t fast enough (first world problems, I know), but given the fact that I can order something in the AM and receive by bedtime is utterly insane. Hey, I’ll take it.

If you’re on the fence on joining Amazon Prime, try it free for 30-days. If you’re not happy, you’re more than welcome to cancel without having to pay $99 yearly subscription. It’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

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