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Amazon keeps releasing new versions of the Echo – this new one has a screen

The Echo Show is shaping up to be a great improvement to the already competent Echo line of devices

echo show
Image: Amazon

Amazon is showing no signs of slowing down with their powerhouse product, Echo. Just recently, Echo Look was released, featuring a camera to help you make styling decisions through the use of artificial intelligence, and this week brings about another Echo device, this one being called the Echo Show.

The Show takes everything that is great about the current iterations of the Echo and adds the thing most wanted by users, a screen. The 41 ounce, 7.4″ square features a  7″ screen, top mounted buttons, dual 2″ speakers, and a front-facing camera. It will be available in both black and white versions. It will retail at $229.99, ships on June 28th, and is available for preorder now.

echo show

One of the main selling points with this version of the Echo is having the ability to place and take video calls directly from the unit. It also looks like that the functionality will only be available with other Echo Show owners and those with the Alexa app. It would have been nice to see other video call services supported.

Having a screen, however, still opens up the Echo to much greater functionality. Being able to quickly and easily pull up Youtube videos while getting ready in the morning or pulling up song lyrics through Amazon Music are a few of the first things that jump out.

Then there are the options of connecting your Show with your smart home security system to monitor cameras and other information. There really are quite a few possibilities that this version of the Echo brings to the table.

Couple all of this with the already powerful artificial intelligence, Alexa which is always getting smarter, and you have a winning combination with the Echo Look.

Echo Show

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