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Apple ceases production of FineWoven cases and Watch bands

FineWoven is likely going away for good.

Four iPhones in different colors on purple background.
Source: Apple

Last year, Apple launched its FineWoven iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands as part of its environmentally friendly campaign, hoping to make them one of the best iPhone 15 cases to replace its premium leather alternatives. 

Immediately, the new FineWoven material was scrutinized. It was attracting dirt scuffs and had durability issues. To add fuel to the fire, users complained that the new material doesn’t feel as premium as its predecessor, despite Apple charging the same prices.

At the time of the launch, the company likely didn’t expect FineWoven to become one of the worst product launch decisions in its history. 

According to the avid leaker Kosutami, the situation has become so out of control that Apple is giving up and closing all its production lines. 

Apple is not returning to leather after giving up on FineWoven 

The new FineWoven Cases for the iPhone 15 Series
Source: 9to5Mac

According to the leaker, Apple will likely try again with other alternative leather options like Alcantara.

While Kosutami doesn’t mention its source in its post, and it is impossible for us to verify the data, one thing is for sure: Apple’s FineWoven has repeatedly proven to be an awful material, and users have had terrible experiences with its durability and stain resistance.

Now that Apple has completely abandoned leather, we hope the next material company chooses fares better than FineWoven. 

Either way, we’ll have to wait until September, when Apple will launch its next Apple Watch and the iPhone 16.

Hopefully, the company will develop a suitable replacement by then refreshing its case and Watch band lineup.

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