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Apple Vision Pro might be missing an announced feature at launch

A deliberate omission from the Apple Vision Pro’s feature list.

A person sits on a window sill wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.
Image: Apple

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The Apple Vision Pro will arrive in stores in a few weeks. As we inch closer and closer to the arrival date, more details about Apple‘s first mixed-reality headset are being revealed. 

For example, recently, we got to know Apple’s demo process for the Vision Pro and the contents of the box.

However, a new leak has revealed that Apple has likely cut a singular feature from the final version of the Vision Pro, called Open Sky Entertainment.

Apple Vision Pro may get the feature back through a future VisionOS update

Apple recently updated a video – Introducing Apple Vision Pro – to introduce and further hype up the product.

The video is available on YouTube and, of course, on Apple’s official website. 

However, according to the M1Astra on X/Twitter, one of the features showcased at the WWDC 2023 is missing from the new video. 

Specifically, Apple introduced an Open Sky Entertainment feature back in the day of WWDC 2023, enabling users to replace the view of their ceiling with a virtual sky.

The new video no longer shows the feature. 

The original clip showed a person lying in bed with the Vision Pro, looking up at the ceiling to see the sky. 

Interestingly, we believe this removal is not accidental but deliberate. 

On the Vision Pro webpage, there’s a section that details how the Environments feature works. That page no longer lists the option to view an open sky.

More specifically, the phrase “magically replace your ceiling with a clear, open sky” has been replaced by “turn your room into a personal movie theater with the Cinema Environment.”

Hence, it is clear at this point that Apple removed the feature deliberately. But the reason remains a question mark. 

The most plausible assumption would be Apple failed to polish the feature before the official launch or that the feature never worked as expected to begin with and was scrapped. 

However, there’s still a possibility of Apple adding it later in the future with a VisionOS update. 

Who knows what will happen ultimately, but currently, in all likelihood, you will not get the Open Sky Entertainment feature at launch, which is set for February 2.

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 in the configuration with 256GB of storage. Pre-orders are starting on January 19.

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