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AT&T is placing data limits on HBO Max again

This comes after new net neutrality laws pass in California.

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If you are an AT&T wireless subscriber, one of the perks you had was being able to stream HBO Max without worrying about that data going against your data limits. Now, however, that is changing.

According to a blog post from AT&T, California’s new net neutrality laws ban “sponsored data” services, like the deal with HBO Max. The blog goes on to note, “Given that the Internet does not recognize state borders, the new law not only ends our ability to offer California customers such free data services but also similarly impacts our customers in states beyond California.”

As The Verge notes, AT&T purchased Time Warner in 2018 for $85 billion. Part of this acquisition included the expansion of streaming services, specifically creating and expanding HBO Max into what it is today. Being able to offer customers a good deal on this streaming service could help bring people over services like Comcast to AT&T’s internet packages.

It could also help turn people away from something like Netflix, which wasn’t subject to any type of data limit protection through AT&T.

While this is definitely a blow to AT&T users, overall, this is a good thing as it doesn’t potentially force people into certain streaming services, just because of confusing data limits.

Have any thoughts on this? Will this change how much you stream HBO Max? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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