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Mango’s new home power solution is like a Tesla Powerwall, but portable

This modular home power station doubles as a portable battery system.

mango power power union charger
Image: Mango Power

As the world finally shifts more towards a more renewable energy source, there are opportunities for all kinds of new products to be developed. I want to take a look at one of those upcoming new products, the Mango Power Union.

The Mango Power Union is an all-new breakthrough product from green energy startup Mango Power. The Power Union is a brand new, modular power station that can be used to light up your house during power outages or even save you some money on your electric bill. The Power Union is a substantial home power station, but it is also much more than that.

What makes the Mango Power Union stand out from its competitors, like the Tesla Powerwall, is the product’s dual purpose. In addition to being an ample home battery with a 6.9 kWh capacity capable of 4 kW output, the Power Union also contains the detachable, portable Power Move.

The Power Move detaches from the top of a Mango Power Union station to give you a compact and convenient power station that you can take on the go. The Power Move has a 2.3kWh battery and supports 2kW AC output, making it a powerful yet portable power station that can give you power in even the most remote locations.

The Mango Power Union is capable of both AC and solar charging and features the world’s first built-in dual PV inverter allowing for super-fast solar charging up to 3 kW. Oh, and the Power Union is modular and can be stacked together up to 10 times, giving you an incredible 69 kWh capacity with up to 40 kW output.

The Mango Power Union is set to come to market sometime in August, thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign. The Power Union will have a retail price of $5,699, but the company is currently offering an early bird price of $3,999 as part of its Indiegogo campaign.

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