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Consumer Reports to Tesla: We’re cool, again (for now)

How long will it last this time?

Tesla Model 3 costs autopilot model 3 reservation holders
Image: Tesla

It’s a seemingly unending love-hate story between Tesla and Consumer Reports.

This morning, Tesla regained the confidence of Consumer Reports. Two of their sedans, the Model 3 and Model S, have obtained a recommendation from the organization.

This is good news for the electric car manufacturer, as the Tesla 3 had lost the title from CR due to poor performances in February. Another reason why this is good news is that CR roundly criticized the 3’s touted Smart Summon feature.

Senior Director of Auto Testing at CR, Jake Fisher, commended the company for its recent developments.

The Tesla Model 3 struggled last year as the company made frequent design changes and ramped up production to meet demand. But as the production stabilized, we have seen improvements to the reliability.

Tesla 3 and S get a recommendation from Consumer Reports…for now

The cars’ on-road performances both score high on reports, but any additional improvements are always welcome. A few features that CR points out as improvements are the lack of problems with closing trunks and doors. Other improvements the organization highlights are with the equipment, such as cruise control and the lights. CR does not touch upon the 3’s Autopilot feature, however, in which a survey has produced a 90% approval rate.

Although, Consumer Reports notes that, even on their own recommendation page, that the Model 3 and S have inconsistent on-road reliability.

However, CR does not recommend Tesla’s SUV, the Model X. That car received a laundry list of problems, including leaks, strange noises, and below-average reliability on the road. These criticisms have been regrettably consistent in Model X yearly reports.

Although, this Model 3 and S report could be something completely different within the next nine months.

What do you think? How do you feel about the ongoing dance between Tesla and Consumer Reports? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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