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Tesla is now rolling out the third version of its innovative Solar Roof

Instead of large solar panels, Tesla’s Solar Roof looks like a traditional roof.

tesla solar roof
Image: Tesla

Since Tesla first announced its Solar Roof that replaced traditional tiles in 2016, the company has slowly but surely been refining the design.

Now in its 3rd iteration, you can claim your own V3 Solar Roof with prices starting at approximately $38,000 with prices varying on roof size and location. While that is definitely expensive in comparison to a traditional roof, TheNextWeb notes that you can have that price reduced by up to $8,550 with federal tax incentives – as long as you do it before the end of the year.

In a call with reporters, Elon Musk noted that the costs are cheaper than having a traditional roof installed and then adding a solar panel system to the new roof.

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In that case, it really comes down to the individual user, what they need, and how old their existing roof is. If you are looking for a new roof and want to go solar, then the V3 solar panels could be a great option.

As for installation, Tesla notes that installing the Solar Roof should take no longer than a traditional roof, so for many houses, the job could be completed in a single day. Not bad at all. The Solar Roof will also include a 25-year warranty, which is on par with many traditional roof installations.

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