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Will TCL have the best folding phone this time around?

Or are they simply ‘unhinged’

TCL double folding phone
Image: TCL via CNET

Back in February, we heard that TCL was in the process of making a handful of foldable devices. It seems that there’s one more device to add to that list, as the device maker showed off a dual-hinge foldable phone to CNET that has folds out to a 10-inch tablet.

That’s a bold move from a device maker that’s not really been on anyone’s radar except for some handsets under the BlackBerry name.

The new TCL foldable phone is going accordion to plan…

For now, we don’t even have footage of a working device, as the foldable shown to CNET was a dummy device, built to show off the hinges more than anything else. We do know some specs from that mockup though, including:

  • A 10-inch screen when fully unfolded
  • Four rear cameras
  • A front-facing camera
  • USB-C to charge the device
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack

Will this be a better form factor than the two-becomes-one design of the Galaxy Fold, or the two similar folds of the Xiaomi foldable? It certainly gives more screen space when unfolded, without needing a second screen when folded up.

My money’s on the revamped foldable Moto Razr when that comes next month though, I really think the flip-phone form factor is going to be the winner in the short term for foldable devices.

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