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It will cost users up to $600 to repair the screen on the Galaxy Fold

Double the screen, double the price.

Broken samsung galaxy fold
Image: Mark Gurman / Twitter

Remember all the issues surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s screen back in April? Well, Samsung made multiple changes to improve the device since then and now the phone is getting ready to release to the general public.

Samsung added a layer of metal beneath the display to make it stronger and more sustainable. They also extended the annoying protective screen layer so that there’s no visible lip that’s begging to be picked at and removed. Will these precautions prove to be enough for you to not break your Galaxy Fold’s screen? Probably not.

So let’s talk about how much it will actually cost you in the case that you do break your Galaxy Fold’s screen

If you’re fortunate/unfortunate enough to break your screen within the one-year warranty period, congratulations, you’ve earned yourself a free screen repair. In the case that your screen breaks after the one-year warranty period expires, you’re going to have to fish out $150 for your screen repair. Not bad, right? Well, that’s your one grace repair.

If you somehow manage to break your screen again after paying $150 for the screen repair, you will be looking at a hefty $600 to repair your screen again. That would make it almost a quarter of the cost of the $2,000 Galaxy Fold. However, this won’t be a problem for people like me who can’t afford the Samsung Galaxy Fold to begin with.

The second iteration of the Galaxy Fold launches on the 27th of September in the United States.

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