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If you have a beard, apparently the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t for you

For a hair shy of $2K, that’s a pretty glaring issue.

samsung galaxy fold before it broke
Image: Marques Brownlee

Samsung finally released the Galaxy Fold after fixing its early issues, but it seems the handset is still causing trouble. If your idea of accessorizing your look is to sport a beard, sideburns, or really, any facial hair – you might want to rethink your desire to buy a Galaxy Fold.

See, just like that zip-up fleece that tries to tear your hair from its follicles, the Galaxy Fold wants to eat your beard.

Think twice about getting the Galaxy Fold if you value your beard

The problem seems to lie in the gap between the hinge and the outer screen, mainly while it’s folded shut. Bringing the Galaxy Fold(ed) up to your bearded face will start it doing double duty as a phone and an epilator. Ouch. That’s a really expensive epilator at that, when you can grab one from the pharmacy for a fraction of the price.

Maybe it’s not all hair types that the Galaxy Fold tries to grab. Then again, you might not want hair on your face, in which case go right ahead. Just… prepare to wince every time you take the handset away from your face.

What do you think? Surprised by the phone’s ability to remove your facial hair or should that be expected with a device with a hinge? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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