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This company wants to take on Tesla with cheaper solar roof panels

GAF Energy revealed its new Timberline Solar roof shingles at CES 2022.

gaf solar roof
Image: GAF Energy

If you’ve been curious about solar power over the last few years, then Tesla’s solar roof panels have likely caught your attention. And if you’ve looked into them at all then you know just how expensive they can be to get installed.

Now, one roofing company is offering a much more affordable alternative. And it looks like they’ll be coming to market pretty soon.

GAF Energy is one of the largest roofing companies in the United States. The company revealed its plans for a new kind of solar roof shingle at CES last week (thanks, Digital Trends). It is calling this new product the Timberline Solar shingle and it looks like it could be significantly more affordable than Tesla’s option.

Unlike what Tesla offers, the Timberline Solar shingle is designed to be pretty similar to other shingle options that are available.

This means that just about any qualified roofer can install them. Compared to Tesla’s need for specialized equipment and installation, and there’s a lot of room for GAF Energy’s solar roof shingles to be much more affordable.

Of course, there is a tradeoff of sorts when considering these shingles over the ones Tesla offers. GAF Energy says the Timberline Solar shingles have a maximum capacity of 45W, compared to 71W available on Tesla’s tiles. So the Timberline Solar shingles won’t harness as much energy as Tesla’s Solar Roof.

Still, this more affordable option has the potential to bring many more people into the world of solar power. The company hasn’t released any sort of pricing or release dates yet. You can start the registration process on the company’s website to get more information.

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