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A Tesla Model 3 redesign is in the works

Sources say production on the new redesign start in fall of 2023.

tesla model 3 on road
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Tesla is looking to improve manufacturing costs, starting with a reported redesign for the Model 3.

Recently, Reuters spoke with sources familiar with Tesla’s effort to redesign the Model 3. The upgrade aims to decrease the cost of manufacturing and boost the appeal to customers after five years of the same Model 3.

The Model 3 originally came out in 2017. At the time, it was meant to be an affordable option in Tesla’s lineup, starting at just $35,000.

However, that price tag didn’t last very long and was only available as a pre-order online.

tesla model 3 price increase
Image: Screenshot / Tesla

The Model 3 is still Tesla’s most affordable option. However, it now starts at $47,000, around 25 percent more than the original price.

The reported redesign will focus on reducing the complexity of the car’s interior and redesigning the Model 3’s exterior. The main goal seems to be driving down costs.

Sources told the publication that Tesla will start producing these redesigned models at its Shanghai Gigafactory in the third quarter of 2023.

Tesla Model 3 costs autopilot model 3 reservation holders
Image: Tesla

The company will also produce the redesigned Model 3 at its Fremont, California plant. Though sources didn’t share the timetable for that production.

Of course, all this is still coming from unnamed sources and can’t be completely confirmed. Tesla has yet to share news of an upcoming change in the Model 3’s design.

And considering Tesla dissolved its PR team in 2020, we’ll likely have to wait to hear from the company itself to confirm the Model 3 redesign.

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