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Facebook is trialing a new feature that feels a lot like Instagram

Lol, Facebook really is out here trying everything.

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Facebook is a burning dumpster fire that many of us can’t get away from. Besides all the real issues with the social platform, it’s also just not a lot of fun to look at or interact with the platform.

The company has been looking into that, as TechCrunch reports that Facebook was testing a feature called Popular Photos that made the experience more Instagram-like.

What is Popular Photos and should users expect the functionality any time soon?

facebook popular photos

Image: TechCrunch

Essentially, Popular Photos would take all the clutter and B.S. of your normal News Feed and display only posts with images. The way it worked during testing is similar to how videos work on the site currently. If you open a video post on Facebook, you can continue to scroll down to see other relevant videos.

The same can be said for Popular Photos. Click on a post with an image on the News Feed, it will open and then you can continue to scroll through other relevant photo posts from people you’re friends with, pages you follow, and other content Facebook’s algorithm thinks you’ll like.

TechCrunch reports that initial testing wrapped up in March but that a spokesperson has told them that “the team is now iterating on the product and plans to do updated tests in the future.”

Facebook continues to look and act more like other social platforms by the day, so at this point, why not just say screw and combine them all into one (please don’t do that, Facebook, I like Instagram).

What do you think? Interested in an Instagram-style viewing experience in Facebook? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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