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Discord back online after “Blocked” message outage

You might want to restart your Discord apps.

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Popular messaging and voice chat app Discord experienced an outage earlier today, leaving numerous users unable to access their accounts.

Reports flooded in from frustrated users who were confronted with a message stating, “Sorry, you have been blocked.”

However, the issue has since been resolved, and Discord is now back online.

Sorry you have been blocked message on Twitter
Source: lmaopat (@lmaopatgg) on X

What happened with Discord? 

Reports flooded in from all fronts, getting posted on X, formerly Twitter and Reddit. The complaints are coming from around the world. 

Users report not being able to log in to their respective Discord accounts, and those who were able to log in had trouble accessing their chats and message history.

Surprisingly, the issue seemed to only affect the web and the desktop app. The Discord mobile app worked fine. 

Discord’s official status page logged the errors and issued a fix, but it took a while to reach everybody.

A fix has been implemented to address increased API errors, which were caused by unusual traffic spikes leading to users being temporarily blocked.
Image: Discord

DownDetector also showed a significant spike in Discord outage reports, which appeared to be widespread. 

This image is asking users to rate their experience with Discord over the past 3 months and provide feedback on any issues they have encountered.
Source: DownDetector

Ultimately, it was discovered the outage was due to Cloudflare, which experienced issues with its Dashboard and API service. Maintenance was scheduled for the data center in Doha.

This image is showing the operational status of various systems over the past 90 days, with 100% uptime for all systems.
Source: Discord

Discord’s issues seem to have settled now, though. The company confirmed that Discord is back in operation, and users still getting the “blocked” message should restart their Discord apps.

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