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Xbox adds native Discord support for in-game chat

It’s now much easier to join a Discord chat on your Xbox console.

discord on Xbox consoles
Image: Xbox

Microsoft’s November Xbox update is rolling out with several great features, including native Discord support for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox consoles already had Discord support, but it required users to connect to the app on their phones to put them into a voice channel. Now, you’ll be able to join a channel directly from your Xbox.

When you head to the ‘Parties & chats’ window on your Xbox, you’ll see an option for Discord. Of course, you’ll need to link your Discord account to your Xbox account first.

discord servers on xbox console
Image: Microsoft

You’ll be able to scroll through your various Discord channels and join a chat directly from your console just by using your controller. Like Discord for PC, you can also see everyone in a chat room before you join.

The November update includes several more features on top of the improved Discord integration. Users can start a live stream on Twitch much easier now, just by heading to the livestreaming options in the ‘Capture & share’ menu.

Plus, a new dedicated Captures app makes it easier to manage and edit your screen captures. And the console has made it easier to join a friend’s game by heading to their profile.

xbox streaming options
Image: Microsoft

The improvement to Microsoft’s Discord integration is a great addition. Xbox previously required you to use your phone to connect to Discord chats, which became a complicated process.

It’s interesting to see Xbox working so hard on its Discord integration, especially considering PlayStation is the one that invested in the chatting app.

PlayStation has begun its integration with Discord, but the platform still has a long way to go to catch up with Xbox’s progress.

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