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Almost 5,000 Elite: Dangerous players are about to embark on the ultimate 20-week journey

Man, video games are awesome.

A ship in elite dangerous traveling through space
Image: Frontier

Elite: Dangerous is a big game. It’s a 1-to-1 scale recreation of our actual Milky Way galaxy and features an incomprehensible 400 billion star systems to discover, explore, and name in the game. It would literally take  100,000 pilots making 30-second jumps for four hours a day 23 years to catalog every system in the game.

Now, a group of dedicated players is getting ready to embark on the ultimate journey in the game, according to Polygon. With the goal of reaching Distant Worlds 2, the destination is over 200,000 light-years away, near the end of the galaxy, and will take players over 20 weeks to reach.

More about the journey

Groups across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC are all gearing up and prepping their spaceships for the epic journey. Because it is a collaborative effort, people are signing up for various roles, including fuel mules, people to study the various planets along the way, plus some actual journalists and astrophotographers to document the intense journey.

Polygon spoke to two of the event’s organizers, Commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii, to discuss the event.

We currently have a dedicated team of around 30 people working on the expedition and its peripheral events. It’s going to be a mammoth undertaking, taking thousands of commanders to the far galactic rim and back, covering at least 200,000 light years and taking at least eight months to complete the entire journey.

Frontier, the team behind Elite: Dangerous, is also promising to join in on the fun, with various in-game activities and community goals for those who join in the star trek.

Join in on the fun

You can still join in on this epic journey as it is not scheduled to leave Waypoint 0 until the 13th of January, but if you’re just returning to the game, you’re going to need to get your grind on if you plan to make the trip full of long, barren expanses.

Your main bottleneck will most likely be your frame shift drive (FSD) which is used to warp long distances almost instantly. If you are interested in joining, make sure to check out Dr. Kaii’s YouTube videos on prepping your FSD for the journey.

Godspeed, travelers.

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