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For some reason Apple allowed the “Netflix for pirates” into the App Store

Get it while it lasts. Or don’t. We’re not your boss.

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Image: The Movie DB

Apple can be pretty strict about what they allow and don’t allow in their App Store. Yet, somehow, here we are.

First reported by BGRThe Movie DB app is available to iOS users to provide a Popcorn Time-style experience for all of your movie pirating needs. Now, we’re not commending the use of pirating software to consume your media, but if you’re into that kind of thing, then, for the time being, it is available.

Speaking of Popcorn Time, The Movie DB is actually based on the coding from Popcorn Time. You see, in its prime, Popcorn Time was the place for pirating, and the company eventually made the service open source, allowing other developers to work with the coding. The Movie DB is one of the results.

Why and how this was allowed, the world may never know, but chances are that it will not last long, especially as more outlets cover the inclusion of the app. Even users of the app realize that the good times probably will not last, with such wonderful reviews as the one below.

The movie db

Image: Apple App Store

Yes, BenObi200, it is in fact illegal. Good catch. I’m honestly impressed that, even with the legality in question, the reviewer still went with the 4-star review.

We’re now taking guesses on how long the app will stay live, make sure to place your bet in the comments below.

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