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Fortnite removed building so now it’s just like other battle royales

This will change how the game is played drastically.

Fortnite resistance
Image: Epic Games

When Fortnite first came out back in 2017, it took the budding battle royale genre and added an innovative mechanic. Building set Fortnite apart from its competitors by adding a new skill curve that players could learn and perfect.

And now, in one swift season update, it has taken building away, completely flipping the game on its head. Fortnite just entered Chapter 3 Season 2, a new season update called Resistance.

And as part of the new season’s release, Epic Games has completely removed the building aspect from Fortnite. Now, instead of instantly constructing a skyscraper as soon as you get shot at, you’ll have to take more traditional measures, like seeking cover or firing back, to stay alive.

To help make up for the removal of building altogether, Fortnite has added a few new mechanics to spice things up. There’s now a tactical sprint option that makes you run faster and jump higher, though limited by a stamina bar.

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The game has also added the ability to mantle over obstacles. And you can shoulder bash through doors to potentially surprise your enemies.

Additionally, Epic is continuing its partnership with Marvel in the most recent Fortnite update. Both Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Prowler skins will be available to unlock for users that purchase the Season 2 battle pass.

I played a little Fortnite myself a few years ago, but I could never keep up with the building aspect of the game, not to mention the sweaty Fortnite names. It looks like this recent update may give me an excuse to revisit the popular battle royale.

The no-building mode is likely an event, and I would imagine that building will come back to the game soon. Still, gamers might enjoy the new mode and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a permanent option in the future.

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