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Fortnite V5.30 patch delayed until Thursday, new challenges Friday so freaking relax, Chad

Patience royale, buddy.

fortnite season 5
Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

If you woke up today with your controller in hand (not that controller, your Xbox or PS4 controller) ready for the Fortnite V5.30 patch with new skins — including the anticipated Road Trip skin — you may as well hit the bong and go back to bed.

According to a tweet from Epic, the Fortnite V5.30 patch won’t be released today, holding for Thursday instead. Additionally, new week seven challenges will kick off Friday at some point, instead of late Thursday evening after your significant other has slipped into something comfortable and not those horrible sweatpants and is patting the bed at the same moment as your console alerts you to 99% patch download progress.

Word on the street is that this will be a big patch. The big Fortnite updates usually hit around this point in the season, getting ready to build up the story for next season. Honestly, I haven’t played enough to really know what’s going on other than I pop in, get popped, pop out, pop in, ride some shopping carts and get shot in the head. I also like jumping on tires. I don’t know what the giant flame circles are and the movie theater doesn’t seem to be working.

There are plenty of theories abound when it comes to speculation for how Epic is going to make Fortnite Season 6 even more epic than before. While this patch will most likely include new skins and perhaps some weapon upgrades, we should expect it to also include some sort of set up for Season 6. Maybe there will be a complete map overhaul in Season 6. Maybe there will be playable dinosaur skins and a Land of the Lost theme.

Fortnite has changed quite a bit since Season 1 and I fully expect this V5.30 patch to be the first stage in setting up a huge, massive, throbbing, pulsating, exciting event for Season 6. So check back in two days to get the lowdown on the contents of the Fortnite V5.30 patch and whether or not it’s a ham sandwich or a freaking Dagwood.

What do you think we’ll see in Fortnite Season 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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