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Fortnite’s new Zero Build mode is a permanent fixture

Building has yet to make its way back into the game.

fortnite zero build mode
Image: Epic Games

Gone are the days when you line up a crispy headshot in Fortnite battle royale just be disappointed when your target instantly builds a structure resembling the Empire State Building. Fortnite’s latest update introduced Zero Build mode as a more permanent fixture.

Epic Games actually removed building from the game with its most recent season update last week. But what initially looked like a limited-time-only event now looks like it has become more permanent.

The latest content update for Fortnite earlier this week introduced Zero Build battle royale as its own game mode. The mode added new items and mobility options, like mantling and a tactical sprint, to help make up for the lack of building.

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In fact, at the time of writing this, the building mode of the game’s battle royale has yet to come back.

Fortnite’s addition of the official Zero Build mode suggests that building will eventually come back to the main battle royale mode, but it’s unclear exactly when this will happen.

Many people speculated that building would return in this week’s content update, but that was not the case.

Still, the major change in the way Fortnite has played seems to have rekindled gamers’ interest in the aging battle royale. I personally stopped playing Fortnite after I realized that I was never going to win against these 12-year-old architects.

But now that the game has removed building, I’ve actually hopped back in and played a few matches. My aim is still garbage, but I have a much better chance in most fights and everything feels more tactical.

I think having both building and Zero Build modes in Fortnite will be incredibly lucrative for the game. Not only will longtime fans of the game be satisfied, but a whole new group of people will be drawn to Fortnite battle royale without building.

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