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GM is warning Chevy Bolt owners to park their car 50 feet away from other cars in case there’s a fire

If you see a Chevy Bolt parked near your car, well, you know what to do.

chevy bolt
Image: GM

GM has a pretty grim message to Chevy Bolt owners still in possession of the recalled vehicle: Park your car 50 feet away from other cars in case the battery catches fire, reports Bloomberg.

For the same reason, according to Reuters, GM has instructed some customers to park on the top floor of parking lots or on open levels.

The company says these new safety measures would “reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire,” a company spokesman told Reuters in an email.

Chevy Bolt’s catching on fire has become a regular occurrence, being the major reason why GM issued multiple recalls of the vehicle. The company told Reuters back in August that there had been 10 confirmed fires.

If you missed it, GM has been dealing with faulty Chevy Bolts for a couple of months now, with multiple recalls due to battery fires. Now, the company is just straight up stopping production of the electric cars while it sorts out its battery issues.

The Chevy Bolt has had a rough go at it the past six months, with three recalls in total. All of them have been due to battery issues, and the latest one actually recalled all Chevy Bolts.

So yea, if you’re still driving around a Chevy Bolt, for the love of God, keep your car parked away from other cars at least 50 feet, or run the risk of your Bolt catching on fire and spreading it to other vehicles.

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