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So, uh, Google Earth 3D just squealed on one of Taiwan’s secret military bases


taiwan milatary base google earth 3d
Image: Google Earth via ZDNet

One of Taiwan’s top-secret military bases has just been exposed to the public in the latest update to Google Earth’s 3D maps.

The images, which can be seen in full three-dimensional detail, shows a building where it stores the country’s Patriot missiles and Taiwan’s’ National Security Bureau, according to The South China Morning Post.

Yikes, not good.

Obviously, this was a mistake. Prior to the update, Taiwanese officials had been working with Google to blur our specific locations on the new maps. They even went as far as creating a special task force to prevent these bases being displayed to the public, and you know, the country’s adversaries.

Well, as it turns out, they didn’t really do a great job. Clearly. Now, moving forward, officials in the Taiwanese military said they’re taking extra precautions to conceal their bases by implementing camouflage tarps over them.

Taiwanese officials aren’t too concerned about it, and are urging the public not to panic. “Actually, the confidential parts are all inside the structures which would be highly difficult to expose through the 3D maps,” said Taiwan’s Defence Minister Yen Te-fa to The South China Morning Post.

Currently, the exposed bases are still viewable on Google Earth

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