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Google Hangouts is finished, users will be migrated to Google Chat soon

No word yet when this is taking place.

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In 2019, Google revealed its plan to shut down its Hangouts app and forward users and their data to Google Chat. In a recent post on Google’s official blog, Google reiterated those plans to prepare users for the upcoming transition.

One of the reasons Google is shutting down Hangouts next year is because of the new U.S. and EU telecommunication regulations applicable in 2021. As a result of these regulations, Google needs to remove the call phones feature in Hangouts.

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Starting this October, Hangout users will receive a notification informing them about the upcoming changes, followed by information on how they will receive refunds if they have unused calling credits. In November, the group video calling feature in Hangouts will be replaced with Google Meet for better conference meetings.

Google also stated that the transition would be practically seamless as all user data, contacts, history, and hangout conversations will automatically migrate to Google Chat. Google will provide additional guidance once the transition starts. So far, Google hasn’t set the exact timing when all that will take place.

Google plans to cut Google Fi support in Hangouts, which will affect Fi users as well. Starting in early 2021, Fi users will be checking voicemail and make voice calls using messages for the web. All Hangouts conversations will also migrate to their default SMS app or Messages.

Similarly, they will also remove Google Voice support for Hangouts.

Google plans to introduce a lot of changes in 2021 and bet big on its Chat app. They said that users should expect many Hangouts like features such as group and direct messaging.

Along with that, there will be additions such as suggested replies, faster search, sharing files, emoji reaction, and so on. Strong phishing protection is to be added and implemented. So, every time someone sends you a link via Chat, the link will be checked instantly for malicious content. And the best part of all, Chat will be a free service.

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